* Single art by Callum Riley & Jon DiNapoli, layout by Daniel Sutton 

We’re very excited to announce our third studio album ‘Stay A While’, which will be out through HopeStreet Recordings, worldwide, this November!

In January, coming out of recording the ‘Do It For Nothing’ EP, getting back into the swing of playing shows, and farewelling some dear friends from our lineup, we spent two weekends away in Gippsland (Victoria), to write what ultimately has become the bulk of the new album.

After performing a few of the ‘Do It For Nothing’ tunes live in the months previous – with Lewis taking on the role of an in-house Sam Cromack – we decided to be open to exploring some more vocal material with Lew, still letting each idea be what it wanted to be, not brandishing it with voice if it wasn’t necessary, or labelling the album as a ‘vocal’ album, just giving us some more options to convey a mood or story.

The first weekend away was used to throw down a chunk of sketches, not be overly critical, not spend too much time on each one, be it a one-minute idea or an indulgent 14-minute mess.

The second weekend we took two handfuls from the pile and went deeper into their arrangement and structure, ending up with almost half/half instrumental and vocal tunes.

It was refreshing to write within a very small time frame. Inherently there’s a form of cohesion that comes from it, and we think even though there’s a definite textural change to the majority of the music, it feels like a natural process and one that we’re proud of! We hope you’ll give it a listen when it comes out and tell us what you think!

Carrying on from the ‘Do it For Nothing’ EP, the artworks have been beautifully created by our own members Callum Riley and Jon DiNapoli, and laid out beautifully by former and original member Daniel Sutton.

Love to you all,

x The Cactus Channel